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Since Stéphanie’s been a kid, she always had an overflowing Imagination with a slight tendency to hyperactivity. Today, business lady by day and writer by night, she has always read and written songs, poems, or stories sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes comical, occasionally sarcastic and sometimes dark & suicidal, depending on her mood, the music she has in her mind, the people she met and the amount of alcohol drunk on the day. 😉

Today, we are thrilled to announced that she has released her first novel called 100 Dates and a Wedding and is now available on Amazon.


A little bit more about the book…

100 Dates & a Wedding relates the dating tribulations of a young French divorcee called Valérie.

Valérie narrates the worst of her dating experiences London offered and the lessons she learnt from them. Her disillusionments, her joys, and her own ambiguities are shared without concession questioning how to deal with a break up after a long relationship? How to believe in love again after being defeated?  Between the English’s rules of dating, the expected texts, the expected loves, the misinterpreted messages, the words over-interpreted, and the language barrier Valérie experienced the misunderstanding of love in all its splendor and the cultural clash at its worst. Beware! 100 & 1 (like we love to call it at Sté Tumba Capital) doesn’t bash on men, it spreads an inspirational message through Valerie’s dates: you definitely need to kiss a few frogs before getting that happy-ending story full of sparkling stars.