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This is who I am… 

Stephanie Tumba 

I was born and raised in Paris, France by Congolese parents.

When I was seven, I was stealing my mother’s Dutch Wax Block fabrics making clothes for dolls and selling them to my friends. I was also teaching dancing moves at 9 during our school breaks. Early on in my life, I demonstrated an entrepreneurial mindset emphasised by my managerial behaviour being the big sister of 5 other brothers and sisters.

Always being full of energy, my parents always kept me busy, and I was trained in Classical dance, gymnastics, ballet, modern & street jazz dances and triathlon where I won a few regional medals on the way.

From 16-year-old, I worked every summer to save money for my first property working for MacDonald’s (didn’t last), an Art dealer selling antiques, a variety of luxury stores or for mobile companies and banks as a customer service agent.

My parents wanted me to have a stable profession, so I went to business school where I earned a Degree in Business Management. After graduation, I went on to work with some of the most successful beauty and fashion groups: L’Oréal and LVMH worked on a few brands and spent my internships working in Australia, China, Germany and Spain.

However, it was not long before I realised that working for others was not for me; though I loved my job, I felt I wasn’t making a difference and was just a replaceable executive in the company. I wanted to conquer the world and wanted my life bigger.  I wanted to create something from scratch and be my own boss like my father did before me. Today, I am a London-based international entrepreneur with interests in fashion, leisure, production, publication, toys & hobbies and property. I strive to achieve a life that is balanced between my business interests, the projects and causes I passionate about and spending time with my family and friends.

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